Who loves zombies?

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So I'm still working on a zombie game with an awesome progger from Italy. It's going at a great pace for the moment and might even be done by the beginning of september ... though it might not be published before october.
Running Heavy Unit

Anyway, it's gonna be a pixelart Flash game where you have to protect your city from an army of zombies arriving! It's been done I know, but we're adding a little something where you'll have to not only decide where you put your units, but also where you place your buildings in order to create the units faster and send them to war faster.

More info soon! Hope you'll love it!

Francis Caron


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6 Things you said:

A. said...

Are you working with an italian?! Say Ciao to him from me pls! :P

Mark said...

The whole zombie thing needs to die really, but we all know zombies cannot truly be killed. I don't mind zombies really, Stubbs The Zombie was an amazing game, I just don't like how almost everything has zombies now.

Max Silver said...

Can't wait!

Nymo said...

Looks good!

Phil said...

We need more zombie games.

There can never be enough zombie games.

I can't wait 'till this comes out.

The Piggie said...

Italy? I love Italy! I spent a month there and can't wait to be back! Good luck with your work!