Why not three at a time?

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Yeah, as the previous one is a personnal work, I'll be on it only at the time I'm not doing other stuff! Recently I just started a new one to experiment on pixelart which is awesomly fun to do and makes my brain work hard to make it as good as it can be.
So here are some of the pixeled characters I've been doing PLUS I'm very happy to finally work on a zombie project which is like today's every kid's dream!

I'm really sorry for the Rambo-like guy I just made, that's a work in progress and I will make sure he doesn't look like a guy holding two weird we-don't-know-what and change his stance to make it the best it can be!

That's gonna be a bit gore as we love it and we are still writting the whole story so I cannot really give info about it right now! Anyway leave a comment and soon I'll post some gifs too as it's all gonna be AnImAtEd (woooo)!!!

Plus! I give 5 points to the person who can find the best name for my little guy (the one with teal hair) in the previous posts. (Sorry to Mike who suggested Peter ... I don't like the name ... but I like you so don't internet-bully me!)

See ya!

Francis Caron


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11 Things you said:

pv said...

this is looking freaking great man

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Wow, you have a talent for pixel art, that's for sure... I've always wondered, how much do you zoom in when you work on one of these? is is literally pixel by pixel?

Francis Caron said...

@Sub-Radar-Mike: Yeah I go pixel by pixel and I zoom-in and zoom-out all the time to see how it looks from far ... as working close to it doesn't give the same feeling!

hommakesgames said...

thats amazing that you make these pixel by pixel!

A. said...

Wow great!

Diego Sousa said...

whoa! what a talent!

Mark said...

This is looking pretty good :)

Viitoebe said...

Nice job, man.
Pixel by pixel, was that hard?

Max Silver said...

Looking good!

As far as suggestions go, how about Robbie?

Mike said...

hey looks great! keep it up

Jetah said...

Awesome! Looking cool.