WIP - Background

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Here's what I'll try to make the backgrounds look like. So far it's just a work in progress but, the color choice is probably the one I'll keep as the colors all fit together (even the arcade?).

The little dark guy you see isn't a ghost but only the size reference.

I have not much to say, I think the picture speaks for itself. Leave a message about how I could change it to make it look better and thanks for watching (I'm about to have 100 followers).

Francis Caron


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5 Things you said:

Blaizen said...

Whoa, looks very nice!

Mark said...

That is a seriously nice picture :) Well done, and here's hoping you hit 100 today. Shame I can't be the 100th :(

hommakesgames said...

This is amazing! Very detailed! Keep up the good work.

logolepsis said...

Your work is awesome. Seriously, I'd kill for a skill like this, especially backgrounds.

I started following you, hope you don't mind :).

Francis Caron said...

Of course not ;) Welcome 100th follower!