TMNT's Leo Finally Animated!

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So here it is, I've finally finished the animation of Leo. Unfortunately, this blog is a bit too lazy to publish something big like a flash animation so I invite you to go see it by clicking on this link right here [BANG!]

It's been my first experience at animating one of my drawings and I guess it's been not so bad and quite fun to do. On the plus side I've discovered that these are much funnier to watch than a flat one. BUT, I think that for the moment it's a bit too heavy to be put everywhere on internet as the size is actually 2.4Mo for something not that big.

Sooooooooooooo, let me know what you think of it!

Thank you for watching!

Francis Caron


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2 Things you said:

Qing said...

He is breathing!!!

Francis Caron said...

Dear Qing,
Thank you for the comment ... but as it's the best thing happening in this animation, you should have wrote "spoiler alert" in front of your message!