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blogger as some problems, I cannot post a picture (Image a 3DS here)

Tonight is the night where Nintendo will release the browser on the 3DS! There will be some websites where we can watch things in 3D and there are some movies who will let us have a look at their trailers in 3D too.

I don't really know what we can expect of the first day with the browser. Of course there will be the free game of Excite Bike 3D and some updates about games but, other than that Nintendo kept quite quiet about it.

They said we could download it from today's evening ... but at 21:00 we still cannot. I consider 22:00 not really being "evening" so they still have one hour to get it ready or it'll be like they fail at respecting their dead line! (To me)

Anyway, at first it was supposed to be ready at the end of May, maybe they just have some problems with it.

So tell me guys, what do you expect of DAY1?

Francis Caron


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7 Things you said:

Braden said...

I am not sure what to expect, I don't actually own a 3DS but have been considering getting some sort of DS as I have a long transit ride to and from school.

bb31 said...

should be interesting. can't wait to see it

srnajera said...

interesante info

JDOGMMA said...

Will there be you tube channel with 3d content?

Dejch said...

intresting but do we really need it ? :)

Mike said...

I wonder if it will be any good.

InterWebzCommander said...

yeah it sounds KooL and all but i think that the new Sony Vito will kill the 3DS, check it out at the E3