I'm still alive!

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I've not been able to work on my "on the side" drawings lately as I'm EXTREMELY busy with filling all the immigration papers for my wonderful wife. Beside that, I'm also working on a boxing game that my coworker and I are about to finish (I hope) ... That game has been a good thing for me as I've learned so much from too many mistakes but, that will make me a better worker.

Planning well is underrated, I was doing things when I thought they would be ok to do ... but after many hours of work, we noticed that we worked on things we would never even use. So, it turns out we're gonna do a smaller version of what we were supposed to do and it'll even be MORE fun!

I don't consider having lost time though as it's like if I had been schooled! I'll let you know when the game is online. There will be another one first that we are currently selling to a sponsor.

As an apology to not showing any turtle lately, here's the Michelangelo work in progress. I think he's gonna be not so bad and once animated even less bad! :)

Leave a comment and thanks for watching, having that much followers is a great motivation for me!

See YA!

Francis Caron


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11 Things you said:

Yawgy said...

That's a great picture.

The value of planning is unparalleled.

phosports said...

love the picture, good to have you back

Dejch said...

Welcome back! and good job on a picture really.

icey said...

getting feedback is always great.

keep up the good work.

Verona said...

good choice of colours, i haven't seen these often

ZKMin said...

As always great art, keep it up and looking forward to more!

Braden said...

Wow man you are really talented! I love seeing the stages just as much as a finished product. Where is your wife immigrating from?

Francis Caron said...

@Braden: She's chinese

Malkavian said...

Hey no prob bro get your stuff in order, got to stay in touch with what is real important and plain Real. Great Mikey by the Way still waiting on Mister Raticuz himself SPLINTER!

Delicious Oophagy said...

Mikey is looking great!

Jon said...

nice art dude, good to hear things are going well and you have a positive outlook